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  1. Its still not working on the latest version... Never mind, the green in the rocket is for input and white output.. my bad
  2. Hey guys, does anybody know what that counter on the startscreen is for? Greetings EnemyArea
  3. Hey there, could you please use this code and try it again? worked 4 me using HarmonyLib; namespace SelfSealingAirlocks { // Update sim state setter to make airlock doors gas impermable [HarmonyPatch(typeof(Door), "SetWorldState")] internal class SelfSealingAirlocks_Door_SetWorldState { private static void Postfix(Door __instance) { // If the attached gameobject doesn't exist, exit here if (__instance.gameObject == null) return; Door.DoorType doorType = __instance.doorType; if (doorType <= Door.DoorType.ManualPressure || doorType == Door.DoorType.Sealed) { for (var i = 0; i < __instance.building.PlacementCells.Length; i++) { var offsetCell = __instance.building.PlacementCells[i]; SimMessages.ClearCellProperties(offsetCell, 1); SimMessages.ClearCellProperties(offsetCell, 2); SimMessages.ClearCellProperties(offsetCell, 4); SimMessages.SetCellProperties(offsetCell, (byte)(__instance.CurrentState == Door.ControlState.Auto ? 7 : 4)); } } } } }
  4. Hey guys, is there any trick to make steam aware of the new Mod-Content and not serving the old? I have uploaded my new mod-version but steam downloads the old content every time I try. Greetings EnemyArea