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  1. This is intended behavior. Think of opened airlocks as similar to ladders- they can be walked on, but aren't a solid tile.

    Note, however, that a critter will be able to fall through an open airlock (or a closed pneumatic door for that matter), if they are already falling.

    Here is an example of this property that I take advantage of in my saturn critter trap farm:


    When a pneumatic door closes on a critter, they will start falling- if the mechanical airlock below this hatchling were open (toggled via a switch), it would continue to fall past the airlock. Since it's closed, the hatchling will instead land on it.

    Here's another example of how you can cause critters to fall:


    Note how the drop-offs are positioned- critters will always move to the tile to the left of the drop-off if it is a valid tile for them to stand on, when they are auto-wrangled. After they have been trussed, they will begin to fall. In this case, this causes them to fall through the pneumatic doors. You can also see another critter dropper towards the bottom- the basic idea behind those is that the weight plate opens the top door so that the critter can move into the now open door's space after they hatch, at which point the door closes, causing them to fall. You can utilize this in various ways to help automate ranch restocking.

    One final thing to note that I have observed: when using mechanical airlocks to control whether or not a falling critter will land on that floor or fall through it to the next, slicksters are an anomaly in that they are capable of landing on opened airlocks. I don't really know why this is.

  2. 1 hour ago, EricKlei said:

    The error points to Dusk Caps, Bog Buckets, or Bristle Blossoms being the issue

    I was also having this issue, from one specific rocket on my starting planet- the rocket in question had several(6) Leafy Bristle Blossom seeds in a large solid cargo module that I was intending to transport. I attempted multiple things, including deconstructing and reconstructing the command module and attempting to launch after each change, but it was only after I unloaded everything from the cargo module that it stopped crashing upon launching. There's nothing else related to those plants anywhere near the rocket, and the issue has only occurred when those seeds, some dirt, polluted dirt, and fertilizer were in the large cargo module- I am reasonably confident that, based on what you've said, whatever my crash was caused by is related to those seeds, and/or possibly the Leafy mutation specifically.