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  1. Awesome thought, hadn't even occurred to me. That should be enough to get me going, thank you so much!
  2. Hey guys, I've made a few very minor mods in the past, but I'm working on something out of my wheelhouse now and finding myself completely clueless - both on how to implement and whether it's even allowed. I wanted a clone of the basic wooden chest that behaves a just little differently. Easy enough; I grabbed a couple mods that introduced larger chests and linked chests and worked out what I needed and what I didn't to create my basic mod. But now my question is: is it possible/allowed to set up a modded item to allow players to use their skins when constructing it, exactly as if they were building a standard wooden chest? If so, where would I start looking for guidance (whether a tutorial, another thread, or another mod that already does this)? I have exhausted my google-fu and made no progress. Right now I have a functional mod, but every chest just looks exactly like the plain wooden chest that every camp already has a half a million of, and it'd be nice to have a visual indicator that "this is your special chest." I recognize that I could just make all my regular chests look different when I'm building them, but if it's possible to make a more robust mod, then I'd rather do that. And obviously (I hope) I'm only asking about using the chest skins players already own; I'm not trying to make every skin available to everyone or anything stupid.