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  1. Thanks a lot for the many great answers. I also thought about lighting them on fire, but I kinda wanted to retrieve the ~10 fleshy bulbs. Unfortunately, atm I don't have any possibility to use lazy forager or Gnarwail Horn, but I'll give it a few more days to think about it
  2. Hey guys, My first post here :P Please help me figure out a way to pickup floating items from a narrow water near my base. I had 2 boats worth of Fleshy Bulbs in a corridor shaped water stream near my base. I cannot build another boat to pick them up because there is no space left and the previous boat locations are now blocked by the floating items. Is there any bridge type? Will the Fleshy Bulbs float forever? Can I get the items from land using a different technique? FYI, I'm playing from PS4, so any console commands are not possible. All the best, Alex