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  1. Hello, I've ran into an error when generating a world with specific seed: S-FRZ-207450-0. Up until now I was playing a game with the very same seed that I started about 3 day back. I've ran it for about 60 cycles, but made a mistake and wanted to restart the game with the same seed. However, when trying to start it anew, I receive an error on the screenshot in the attachment. The attached Player.log file actually shows a specific exception that caused the error. Between the previous start and now the steam downloaded an update [Game Hotfix] - 472345 for me, so I suspect this update to be a cause. Disabling mods doesn't solve the issue, neither does deleting StreamingAssets folder and re-downloading them through the Steam's "Verify integrity of game files..." option. I would be very pleased to have the option to play this seed specifically (in the state before the update) because it provided quite rare setup. Is there any way to resolved this problem locally? Thanks.