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  1. u trying to say pip double planted? i can test in a little bit you were right
  2. i believe this this the correct file, this was few cycles before i did the testing.Supernova.sav
  3. if radbolt generators are not in space, they create huge lag spikes as seen in video, until the radbolt has hit something and vanishes. even in complete vacuum that is not in space the same problem persists, i have no idea why this happens. Edit: in the video i tested it next to a storage dropoff and didnt realize it, but tested it again no where near the storage dropoff and same fps drop. so it had no effect on the test bug.mp4
  4. same thing, any time a radbolt is visible fps goes from 60-80 to 5 and stay at 5 until bolt is gone
  5. have same thing, any time radbolt is visible, fps stays below 10 until it hit its destination
  6. the gas intake and output for rocket interiors are named incorrectly, the intake pumps gas out and output pumps gas in, as well as the descriptions are incorrect and do the opposite as they say