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  1. This updates doesn't offer much benefit as you think. Wall toilet needs water to works, that mean, you will need a storage for supply it, you can use the same water in pipes, this will help for many cycles, only if you have one dupe, but if you have 3-4 dupes, this only helps for a couple of cycles, I will need a liquid container (2x3) o liquid cargo module (3 height), wasting more space. Is not useful for long missions. Also, you are wasting precious water, if you use an Outhouse is will better, because you get polute dirt that you convert into polluted oxygen or more dirt, is very renovable, specially when you don't have a sustainable water source. Gas/Liquids port aren't filter, if I use a gas pump to get rid off of my carbon dioxide it also can absorb my oxygen, so will need a gas filter, that use space, consume energy and generate heat. Is better use a gas cargo module, store oxygen and are also filtered. So, there is not need to rebuild my rockets, this changes are only for early, mid/late game is still the same. Lader Beds cause a debuff when dupes pass in front of another dupe, in early this debuff doesn't mater, but is your dupes need a hight morale is better use Cots for maximum results. Self-destruction, is a good addition, but what happens when you need to eject to the close habitable planet to 3 tiles, but there is a volcanic planet to 2 tiles? I will like if I have the option to choose the destination in a small range 4-5 tiles. The best addition in this update is Resized Hand Sanitizer, now I have more space to place a storage container with dirt for my Outhouse.