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  1. This is a weird one - I have a series of ventilation pipes that have become broken due to cold temperatures, while in ~ 80C plus environment. These pipes carry intermittent natural gas from oil wells in pretty toasty temperatures. I've not had this issue before so perhaps an update quirk? One gas pump is right next to an oil well kept 'cool' by being partially flooded (so no steam should be produced) and the other gas pump is in a gas trap and only turns on when there is enough natural gas to cover the pump. There is nothing cold in the magma biome currently to get into the pipes. The damage registers on game startup only. Screen shot included for reference. I hope the print isn't too small or pixilated to read.
  2. I think I figured out what was going on. The fridges with sleet wheat at 1C are in deep freeze, while everything else seems to need to be at a lower temp to get to the same status. it threw me for a moment. I'm a relatively new player and am still getting used to the number of places that info is hidden in the various menus. PP!
  3. Food in powered fridges getting decay rate of unrefrigerated food it looks like. My main food supply is in powered fridges in a CO2 pit. The game notes the food is at 1C and refrigerated, however they still have a -3%/cycle decay rate under refrigerated. It seems to be decaying at a much faster rate than stated, or the decay rates got a drastic increase from before. Did the fridges get updated this drastically? This is killing my food supply. Please advise. Many thanks.