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  1. Eh, I just build a smart battery near it and connected an auto wire. I dont know how far back it started and dont want to go back too far in my saves.
  2. I played for about 15-20 more minutes and it still never became buildable. So it says that my dock is "offline", and when i hover over offline it says it requires power. As you can see there is power going to it. Ok, so I figured out why its offline. The automation is telling it to go offline, although there is no automation wire connected .I have never had any automation connected to this, and I have other buildings that do not have automation wires connected that run fine. I even deconstructed it and built a new one and it is still inhibited by the automation. I had had no problems previous to this. It just randomly happened.
  3. For some reason, all of the sudden this is as far as i build. I can build the stairs on the right but not the ones on the left. As you can see previously I have built all those stairs in the chlorine pit, but now anywhere past the tile under the right buildable stairs my dup cannot go.