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  1. I created a new world as Webber, immediately placed a den, called out the spiders with the Webby Whistle, and fed one of them, causing all of them to follow me. Restarting the server caused all 3 to disappear, or maybe they actually went back to their den because I was able to immediately call another 3 out with the whistle. I tamed these spiders and restarted the server again after picking one up. Only one of the spiders (not the one in my inventory) had disappeared. The disappearing eventually stopped happening altogether after restarting the server a few times. I started investigating this due to a similar issue where I was playing Webber with my friends and we rolled back the server to the start of the day. I was walking around with a warrior spider and nurse spider in our base following me at that time. When the world was rolled back and reloaded, the warrior spider was gone and the nurse spider started attacking my friends. I was using several UI-related client-side mods and the servers I played on had no mods applied to them.