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  1. Since the update I can no longer click the right mouse button in the left 25% of the screen to move the view. Left click selections work fine in this area, and right clicks register for deselecting when the cursor is in this area. Also, the view continues to move when I start elsewhere and move the cursor into this area. It starts between the value of displayed food and the health bar next to it (e.g. r-clicking a tile under the numeric value will not move the screen, but clicking one under the health bar will). This point is the same even after changing UI scale, meaning more of the screen area is affected at higher UI scale.
  2. When viewing the list of all known resources by clicking "View All" on the new resource panel, each resource shows the selection button, icon, name, and total/reserved/available mass, and then a rectangular box with 3 vertical lines in it. The box is identical for all entries, and clicking on it or hovering over it does nothing.
  3. Even after removing all the "new" entries, and selecting important resources, the list is longer than the screen. **EDIT** I figured out the workaround to click NEW then manually add and remove items from the list. I tried reducing to 75% UI, and apart from giving me a headache, this did not work since it is an existing savegame, so the list of "NEW" items was very long. Even after clearing new items, if the set of resources I select to display is longer than the screen allows, the rest of the entries disappear off the bottom, and the mouse scroll no longer works. If I keep the list short, info on any resource that is not in that selected list is hidden behind a clunky interface. **EDIT** I cannot collapse related categories as before (i.e. refined metals) and also cannot scroll the list, so most of it is somewhere off the bottom of the screen