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  1. Gotcha, thanks. Does it always allow research up to 100% without revealing any additional info?
  2. Many cycles ago I attempted to analyze the shattered planet using the research telescope. While the research percentage eventually hit 100/100, the info panel never revealed any more information about the planet. Hundreds of cycles later I am now trying to send a rocket there, but the game seems to think i have not analyzed the location. At the same time however, the research telescope will not let me select the shattered planet as my research focus, seemingly because its already 100/100 research. This leaves me effectively locked from sending rockets to the planet.
  3. Since downloading today's update, I have had very strange frame losses. Before update my game ran at 55-60 FPS consistently, now while using certain overlays or in menus I am dropping to around 40 FPS. Normal gameplay is still at 60 FPS. The worst lag is while in the Research tree, which now stutters horribly when I pan. The other really bad one is the power overlay, which also drops FPS, and looks strangely washed out. Screenshot is attached.