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  1. Can you point me to the patch notes, as it was not in the list of the big merge update notice? So maybe it was in the DLC patch notes, but this is about the base game. There is a link to the patch notes, but it seems I'm too low in the dupe hierarchy to access that: Link: I found it here:
  2. Hmm, there is still something off here. The problem is back again... I think the problem is that is take the degree signal and C as part of the text. Thus when I try to change the number and do not delete that, this probably triggers some string validation logic... You can see when I select the text it takes the units system definition as part of the string. If I remove that part of the string, I can enter the large negative numbers again... Lastly, as this is a liquid pipe themo sensor. The text should probably not read "Current Ambient Temperature"...
  3. I could not type in numbers below -99 degrees Celsius anymore (at least for liquid pipe thermo sensor). When I had a number like -147 and I wanted to change to -157 for example, even when I highlighted the 4 and typed the 5, the only thing that happened was the 4 disappearing, but it would not accept the 5 in its place. Slider worked, but is not nearly precise enough. For the bug report I tried to set positive value over 100, which worked. After that, I could set the negative value below -99 again... I may have triggered some fringe case here, but for bug reporting completeness I will call this one in. >> PROBLEM PERSISTS, SEE BELOW << Perfect Trainwreck
  4. Thank you for the bugfix release. I parked the game for the weekend as the weather outside was nice. I hope you managed to get some nice time off too! Just sharing a screenshot of my rocket flying through space FULLY automated. I mean, without a pilot! We probably won't see this again, so let us enjoy the moment A big thank you for both enabling people that want it to play the previous version and patching the bugs quickly. Also good you don't wait to fix all the bugs, but release the fixes incrementally. Short learning cycles, good stuff !
  5. There is more weirdness here. I just couldn't get a pilot into the Command Capsule. I also could not deconstruct the command capsule. But I just launched the rocket WITHOUT a pilot ! Perfect Trainwreck Well, good luck with loading the above save file. It will crash the game as it is apparently in an inconsistent state with the rocket being out without a pilot... When you load the save game you can see the rocket, but when you mouse over the command capsule the tooltip for it will not show. When you unpause the game ... meltdown! I reported the crash with these details: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object CometDetector+Instance.ScanSky () (at <c25c764251f245d5945c4bf3a3c311f5>:0) CometDetector+<>c.<InitializeStates>b__5_3 (CometDetector+Instance smi, System.Single dt) (at <c25c764251f245d5945c4bf3a3c311f5>:0) BucketUpdater`1[DataType].Update (DataType data, System.Single dt) (at <d1e03645b6a14b528d2f85f8af12cdf9>:0) UpdateBucketWithUpdater`1[DataType].Update (System.Single dt) (at <d1e03645b6a14b528d2f85f8af12cdf9>:0) StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.AdvanceOneSubTick (System.Single dt) (at <d1e03645b6a14b528d2f85f8af12cdf9>:0) StateMachineUpdater.AdvanceOneSimSubTick () (at <d1e03645b6a14b528d2f85f8af12cdf9>:0) Game.SimEveryTick (System.Single dt) (at <c25c764251f245d5945c4bf3a3c311f5>:0) Game.Update () (at <c25c764251f245d5945c4bf3a3c311f5>:0) Build: 471618
  6. They earned the dying skill ... and have become
  7. Hmm, interesting. I noticed that an insulated pipe running through the base of my solar panel was heating the panel up very fast. As if this was a radiant pipe. Maybe something is broken with the insulation logic?
  8. Seems duplicate report of the above, which is reportedly fixed in the development branch (but not yet released). I have the same problem. Eventually someone will fill it if you have not gone crazy with high priority settings elsewhere. I suspect it will have the default priority of 5.
  9. I could solve the liquid pipe problem by replacing sections with bridges. It seems what changed as well is the way debris get moved around. Suddenly I see debris falling down on my panels that wasn't there before. Indeed, funny change about the heavy watt and heavy watt conductive wires. Don't really understand why you would do this in the game. Yeah it makes it harder, but not more fun. It is just an annoyance. I think I solved the debris problem by closing up the diagonals in the base of my regolith collector system.
  10. I found that my rock solid solar set-up started to overheat with the new update. Now, this could be a change by design. It seems that my solar panels now pick up heat from: debris that falls onto them liquid pipes material on conveyor rails Have not testes with gas pipes. Not sure about power wires. Is there somewhere a log we can check to see what changed in the physics?
  11. There are two issues here: Not showing the proper atmosphere. Dupes not able to pick up food through the diagonal anymore. As for 2, this may be a balance change thing, but it seems my dupes can no longer reach the food and debris via the diagonal. Luckily the sweeper can, so I could just add a fridge to act as buffer between my main storage and the dupes for them to get their food. As for 1, it seems the report is wrong. Both vacuum and chlorine are deemed sterile, but I added some chlorine to make sure that when some food would turn into a pollutant there would be no place for the off-gas. Also, with having a gas in there I can chill the food which with this update is necessary. (Luckily I had just worked on getting the below 6K achievement so I had plenty of chill nearby to cool my food stash in time...) I think this is a reporting problem as the food did get chilled, which in a vacuum could not happen...
  12. I just completed the achievement "Moovin' on up". With that I would have expected to also get the "Critter Whisperer" achievement as I already tamed all the other critters. However, in my game all check boxes are suddenly empty! Nor did it add the checkbox for the Moo I just tamed. This update to ONI requires still a bit of polishing it seems as I run into many issues that break my current play through... I'll just keep reporting the problems in the hopes you can fix these soon.
  13. Interesting. Attached is a screenshot that shows the rocket gives a green signal, when the checklist is NOT complete... Something is not alright here. (Note: the bunker doors on top got demolished as the detectors did not detect the incoming rocket, thus those are not blocking the way...) I rebuilt one of the bunker doors, and this triggered the output port to go Red again. This is not desired behavior. We need to know when the rocket is ready to leave so we can open the doors at that time. This is the way it used to work.
  14. I've seen this too. I had a hard time getting my pilot back onto the rocket. I even deconstructed and rebuilt the command capsule to see if that would fix it. Not sure anymore what made her go back into the capsule in the end, but eventually she got in again. A note to the devs: you gotta love your job. First you work very hard to get this big merge update working. It's done, you can get some rest. And then the floodgates open with all the issues people find in the field (mostly the stuff from save games that may be hard to test ahead of time I suspect). Hang in there folks! Your responsiveness to address the issues / bugs is appreciated.
  15. I've seen this too. I restarted the game and after loading the save (just resume) it worked fine again. (Similar to the problem I had before this big update with getting the "Not Ok but pretty cool" achievement where the game apparently still had a long standing bug to detect this achievement...)