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  1. I think that with the new "Above average trees" I saw the potential in a boat base under the canopy. I constructed a prototype before realizing I could not bring my transplanted recourses on the boat, so my suggestion, some way to plant things on boats, there could be some different ways to do this one could be the "Turf Boat" which is exactly what it sounds like, a piece of turf on a boat, the recipe could be 4 boards and 5 turf of the one you want. it would allow people to plant all their recourses on the boat but also use the new farm plots on the open seas. The more boring option (In my opinion), planter boxes where you could plant one item in each box so the recipe should be rather cheap. This would just allow transplanted recourses and not the farm plots (however they could serve as singular plots) but that is my suggestion for making basing on the new oceans better.
  2. Only Building, Digging, and Collecting Recourses but things such as eating are fine.
  3. When my duplicants go to pick up/deliver resources to builds there is s no animation they just collect while standing still.