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  1. I just launch my rocket, when my rocket flight over the world to orbital, its instant crash the game, this is crash info: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object SingleEntityReceptacle.UpdateStatusItem () (at <02eb29c3e80145129af863f9bfd0a070>:0) SingleEntityReceptacle.Render1000ms (System.Single dt) (at <02eb29c3e80145129af863f9bfd0a070>:0) SimAndRenderScheduler+Render1000msUpdater.Update (IRender1000ms updater, System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0) UpdateBucketWithUpdater`1[DataType].Update (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0) StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.AdvanceOneSubTick (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0) StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.InternalAdvance (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0) StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.Advance (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0) StateMachineUpdater.Render (System.Single dt) (at <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0) Game.LateUpdate () (at <02eb29c3e80145129af863f9bfd0a070>:0) Build: U33-474141-S
  2. The Atmo Suit can make from Cobalt Ore not Refined Cobalt
  3. the bug about the CO2, Steam and Radbolt Engine, when i launch the rocket to orbital, the duel does not drop down, but the engine keep spawn CO2, Steam, or Nuclear Fallout, i can collect it to use later, its a very big problem, i hope it will be fixed