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  1. What do you mean by "raid bosses"? I am new to the game. I've seen only DeerClops and MooseGoose and they didn't despawn when I ran away
  2. Does Boss Monsters like DeerClops and other creatures like pigs regenerate hp when a player run away from fight?
  3. Hello. I am a bit confused with cross platform accounts in this game... I've bought Don't Starve Together (DST) on PlayStation. I paid for it. It turned out that not all content in the game is free, even if I paid for it (e.g additional characters). Well, I decided to buy Wormwood. Additional money spend. I was playing on PlayStation for couple of months. Recently I've upgraded my pc. I was trying to get DST for my pc. No chance? I didn't know how to do it.. I've bought additional version of the game for steam. Buying the game second time, like what is it? After logging into game (it used my steam account) I DON'T see an option to use account from PlayStation. Do I need to BUY Wormwood + skins + cloths AGAIN? Is it a joke? I've spent a lot of hours getting my dream cloth setup. I bought the game 2 times. I bought the character 2 times. Can someone explain? I want to play with my girlfriend on PlayStation (DST). Does she need to buy character as well?... In total I will pay for it: 2x - game (PS, PC) 3x - character (PS, PC, PS for girlfriend) Can anyone help me? I am spending my money over and over again without ending. I've never seen such system before. I am SURE I am doing it wrong. Please explain someone how to get it in a proper way.