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  1. Hi, I and my friend explored our first world. We got some unique items like walking cane etc. We know that we can start new world but we will lose our items. Is there a possibility to regenerate (create) a new world, keeping our characters with items in inventory so we don't have to wait 20 days for a new walking cane? Greetings
  2. Hey, I've just bought wormwood. I have really big problems with healing early game. Me and my friend were fighting Deerclop, he ate 3 pierogi and was super fine, I was running away eating rot for 4 hp. I did research and I found out I need tons of nitre for compost wraps. Is there easy way to farm nitre or I need to be masochist and mine every boulder I see?
  3. What do you mean by "raid bosses"? I am new to the game. I've seen only DeerClops and MooseGoose and they didn't despawn when I ran away
  4. Does Boss Monsters like DeerClops and other creatures like pigs regenerate hp when a player run away from fight?