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  1. Here is a better solution to the aquatuner, a regulator. No cooling required, just dump 200kg of liquid on it and forget about it for the rest of the game. Can be done very early, cycle ~50.
  2. Diagonal building construction was never possible to begin with, so if that is the case on the test branch, then nothing has changed.
  3. Like I said, the regulator doesn't need a steam turbine. It heats up to 40c at around cycle 400 and thats with a nearby electric grill running all the time. It keeps the aluminum plates at -30c which keeps the adjacent chlorine gas & food at -30c, thats all that matters. Not a regulator at 40c.
  4. I make it early around cycle 50 and then I upgrade it with aluminum and steel, the regulator doesn't need external cooling. Barely visible in the picture is a fridge in the co2 pit, you can see the green light, it holds 6kg of whatever i want the colony to eat, the sweeper keeps it stocked from the infinite storage. To the left of the fridge is a mess hall, the botonic analyzer is there for the sleet wheat as the seeds decay. The idea/layout is mostly Francis John's.
  5. This is what I use,
  6. There is so much to the germ system and all of it is ignored. Germ sensors, ore scrubbers, chlorine gas's main mechanic, and building sanitization which is the first thing I turn off when starting. I got ONI less then 2 months ago but I heard Slimelung was more then just a 2 cycle nuisance, my first encounter with it I actually crafted the instant cure medicine, now looking back, its completely not necessary. I don't understand the stance to neuter threats, at least this is my perspective and feedback from my experience with the game on Outbreak Prone setting.
  7. Klei, you go through the trouble of creating doctor skills, medical buildings, medical craftables, special healthcare defined room, and all the art, animations, and sound assets for all of it. But you are not giving us any reason to use it, its a shame.
  8. I was waiting on the next update before starting a new colony, is this it? I thought these come on Thursdays, or is there going to be more changes because ONI main menu countdown still says 1 day.