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  1. I've been having a huge problem with new saves getting incredibly annoying graphical glitches and bugs. The graphical stuff i can live with, but i cannot deal with none of my new colonies getting any meteors or comets raining down in the space biome. I love arborea asteroids, so i rely heavily on these to get copper/gold. It's terrible spending countless hours on a base and getting to the space biome only to realize it was all for not because the game is glitched. I waited until the game was 'released' to buy, i have NOT opted into beta or alpha programs. I bought the DLC to support Klei's efforts but i wasn't planning to play it until it all got hammered out, but it's a terrible feeling to see them messing up the main game's supposed 'stable' release stream. New saves also say "development build" on loading screens, but i did not opt in to any betas, Steam's "betas" tab doesn't show any betas opted into for ONI, and in-game settings show no option to enable or disable dev builds.