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  1. After the food storage update I tried searching for an answer on how to deep freeze food, wasn't able to come up with many results (mainly because most were out of date due to the new update). So I took my existing game mechanics knowledge and thought about it for a few days (yes, irl days) and finally came up with a design that I am currently putting together right now in-game. I must say it really is all that much more beneficial to the player to do as little research as possible and come up with your own designs. I have renewed my love for the game doing this... Thank you for the wise words @NeoDeusMachina
  2. I think you hit the nail on the head with this. I admit there were more times than not where I would encounter a problem and immediately go scour the internet for help. The times I didn't do that and tried to solve it myself ended with one of two scenarios; 1. It worked but barely or temporarily. 2. Disaster. I guess this made me feel as if most struggles in the game were just too advanced for my brain, which also may have adversely affected my willingness to keep on playing.
  3. I downloaded the game, sunk 140 hours into it and just as much researching info on how to play it (e.g. youtube, guides, forums and discords). After a while, I was finally able to achieve near-infinite sustainability in my colonies then quickly lost interest. Im still not quite sure where to go from here. I love the game but I just dont know what to keep playing towards. I am a very goal oriented gamer and there just doesnt seem like there is enough of it in the late game for me. Everytime I load up ONI, I look around for a minute then quit and go back to watching youtube or something else as I feel i've done most things in ONI worth doing. I'm lost and looking for a way back. Please help.
  4. I am trying to make a sustainable BBQ food source for 12 dupes. After researching on the wiki to figure the numbers, I made: 3 Hatch Ranches (96 tiles each, max 8 with auto wrangle turned on.) 6 Incubators (unpowered) to keep the ranches at 8 each. Autosweepers collecting eggs and sending them to a water pit where they turn into meat if left to incubate. For what ever reason that I cannot figure out is my rancher will keep putting hatches inside the kennels above the allowed limit making them all crowded and not wanting to lay eggs. I have tried making a seperate over-flow kennel with no grooming station or food source outside of the base but it doesnt help the problem at all. I have been racking brain triying to see what im doing wrong or find a solution. Anyone have ideas? Is the auto-wrangle system broken? How do you stop the ranchers from overflowing the kennels?
  5. its just a blue print of the floor plan... it does not have every little bit of contrivance.
  6. I was keeping the ranches inside the base because then i could only have 1 rancher for all 3 who can groom all the hatches within one day cycle. Two great halls will maximise the decor saturation on the dupes and im not sure if room values are additive or not so i seperated the washrooms out in case the +2 will stack.
  7. Hello! I created this 'minimalist' base design for 12 dupes, ranching hatches for BBQ with a priority on morale and decor exposer. I would like some critique on this to hopefully make it better in terms of minimalism and/or functionality. I am fan of keeping all refinement, utilities and power stations outside of the base. Right now I can see one potential flaw in the order of returning to base for emergency bathroom usage as the washrooms are at the bottom and atmo's at the top. Dupes would have to travel through the incubators>greathall>nature reserve then finally the washroom. We could trade the washrooms with the great hall but I was thinking of less time travel between picking up their food and sitting down to eat. Maybe trade the kitchen with the rightside greathall and then put the washrooms underneath the kitchen then all the ranches towards the bottom? I will be putting in glass tiles between the great hall and barracks aswell but, this is just a rough draft. Any input is greatly appreciated!! Also... isn't weird how there is no option for creating a kitchen as a room?? lol
  8. I'm wondering if having the Sticker Bomber and Uncultered traits simultaneously will cancel each other out?