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  1. Thank you @Mobbstar and @Hekateras. You really helped me a lot! Here's my savefile savegame.lua, and I've done nothing after enabling Debug mode I suppose. Maybe I’ll try the less complicated way @Hekateras suggested
  2. thank you so much! I followed your guidance and found this: so it‘s truly a strange bug while the map was generated? now I've got some other questions if you don't mind: 1.if I use ctrl+w to continue the game, will the achievements "survive 10 days" and "survive 20 days" be accomplished? 2.I failed to find the savefile in my installation (macOS), would you mind telling me where it is?
  3. have already explored every corner in this campaign,but found no exit door. Have anyone met this before? Could it be fixed? It's day 11 of endless plus, wish to move on sincerely.