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  1. I made this in less than an hour, hopefully it is worthy of a kek meme.
  2. I was DOORSTUCK-ing my friend when the crossover came out. The_Great_Door_Stucking_Of_Day_299.mp4
    1. rico0


      haha nice, cake XD
      maybe i can help drawing it idk

  3. I do believe I may have caused a resonance cascade when I was... "experimenting". YOU'RE A MAN [Wilson].mp4
  4. I eat my cake while I browse through all the memes.
  5. Sorry for moving your basement onto the water Wendy, I was bored. Sorry_Wendy.mp4
  6. I made something out of boredom.image.thumb.png.5202218652e5d0e07325d7dad1f70987.png

  7. Thank for you the response @Nelzanger! I don't suppose that I can just walk up and ask an animator to animate for me as that is quite a di**-ish thing to do. So I will try to learn myself.
  8. First of all - Sorry if I posted in the wrong section of the forums. Kind of new here... I've been pretty interested in making a Mod/Addon for Don't Starve Together, but what I have in mind requires a custom animation to be made. I'm not a 2D animator so my work pretty much sucks a**. Are there any tips or guides on how to get better at animating for Don't Starve in Spriter? Or is it all just a matter of time to try and try again until I get good at it?