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  1. The point of a backbone is the collection and efficient use of renewable energy while reducing wasted energy. Since steam turbine in the majority of cases (excluding dedicated nuclear,magma,etc) are a passive source of energy generation as their purpose is highly coveted for heat deletion, they need to be placed on the backbone like because while the aquatuner might tune off, the heat in the steam chamber takes time to be deleted and will continue to generate energy. (the exception is with automation but that defeats the purpose of deleting heat with the exception of magma,nuclear etc) Since the steam turbine will continually generate heat for a certain period of time, that energy will fill the battery to capacity then when the battery is full it will waste any extra power generation. Options to mitigate that loss of power is: *With another transformer sending the excess back into the system *upgrading your wires to heavy conductive wires (lead from the oil biome or metals from metal volcanos help with quantity) *Making a secondary backbone like the handle half the load to avoid overloading Alot of batteries and transformers can result in alot of heat generation and power loss if there is a significant amount so its preferable to avoid that if possible (unless you use steel and stick them in a steam chamber or use a aquatuner to cool them down) There are other options but this is the issues I can think of atm.
  2. I understand its just a link posted, but when I saw @klei.ruby picture of a surprised faced duplicant with a battery held over their head, I felt like it's a fitting image of a "I come with salvation" moment
  3. Tuxii industries has come to a halt? I presume there must be millions lost per hour due to workers standing around waiting for the issue to be fix so they can get back to work.
  4. I don't get it, you proved me right with your testing then say I am "demonstrably false". Unless your trolling you seem to just be repeating what I have been saying but in higher detail then immediately throwing yourself back into the hole. I seriously don't get why you don't seem to understand this. I mean, the game is made by KLei, you can either use what they have given you or not, if you don't like what they have given you then make a mod for it. In this sandbox survival builder game, if you don't want to design liquid passages/containers, then don't, If you don't want to use the moping command, or the pumps, or atmo suits, etc etc to avoid the resulting risks, then fine, don't use it , but why complain about it and demand it change just for you? (and probably a select few)
  5. I don't need to open sandbox because I already understand the general mechanics of heat transference in the game, the thing is duplicants should be spending as little time in liquids as is (I mean, wet feet and sopping wet is ment as a deterrant to standing in liquids often, it's there for a reason). Perhaps unlock the door to the room that your storing you duplicants to let them walk elsewhere to warm up or sweep the liquid if they must remain locked in said room (I mentioned before you should mop it so I will mention it again since you seem to be unaware there is a mopping mechanic, there is also pumps for larger quantities of liquids too or you can move to using atmo/jet/lead suits later on if your hell bound on not using the mop mechanic). Gases generally have such a low TC rate, even low temperatures will still let a duplicant body to automatically heat up over time (so keep them out of liquids)
  6. I'd rather it not change as your excuses are a opinion, don't require any sort of quick QoL rework as it doesn't reflect it's intended purpose (to simulate albeit NOT 100% accurately certain RL conditions people would face). Low level eye irritation in RL can generally be cleared by removing the irritant and either blinking or flushing your eyes to clear it out generally leaving minor irritation for a few minutes. In RL hypothermia and heatstroke doesn't set in until you have passed the point of the bodies tolerance after which it takes day/s to recover (you can swim in a cold ocean and be fine as long as you keep moving to produce natural body heat and its not so cold that your body can't compensate), What I am surprised about is your not asking to have the timer for hypothermia/heatstroke fully reset or increased the longer they stay in said liquid. As for the puddle thing, the mass to temperature ratio of 30g of a puddle is so insignificant that the duplicants body can compensate (albeit they really should clean it up as the stress factor is far more detrimental)
  7. The ratio is equal to the amount of duplicants that venture out of main base frequently as heat death is the most dangerous thing that requires a triage cot as lack of oxygen = insta death (1 cot for every digger, builder, etc). I run about 20-25 duplicants and 5-8 triage cots seems to be the sweet number, so I guess for 5-10 dupe players 2-4 triage cots should be enough depending on how many digger/builders you have. Med bay is 1 total no matter the amount, as duplicants don't 100% get slimelung even if they spend all day in it and it takes a few seconds to treat said duplicants anyways even if more than 1 gets sick. (After you get atmo suits for dangerous areas you only need 1-2 triage cots on the ready no matter the quantity of duplicants)
  8. Since its not a "place building and forget" type a game but rather a "everything has consequences" type of game, this can be extremely draining as the simple process of setting up a room has to have a multitude of other factors taken into account such as location, air flow, power supply, access, distance from main areas, materials needed to build, environmental issues, duplicant safety, machine safety, etc etc. Taking into account the bug which KLei refuses to fix where you decide to play the game for 1hr at 9pm and turn off the game only to realize its 6am in the morning can really make you question whether to play it on a work/school night. Midgame is a turning point on most players face whether you'll reach space (and conquer it), it does require some level of pushing but once you've done it, it becomes easier the next time. TL;DR I enjoy the game but I gotta take random breaks too because I get far too involved into it sometimes (Yes I get headaches too).
  9. Steel is made using a kilm and a metal refinery (the refinery produces a massive amount of heat to it's piped coolant so keep it farm away from your farms) A premade steam chamber can be entered safely with atmo suits, jet suits, and lead suits (not face masks as that provides oxygen but no body protection). To stop steam spreading everywhere you can make a crude oil liquid lock then break open the steam chamber. To stop heat spreading everywhere you can make a double liquid lock (with the liquid lock closest to the steam being made of crude oil or petrolium) and have a vacuum between them both (the vacuum prevents heat from spreading between the 2 liquid locks).
  10. If your coolant is water, salt water, brine, pwater the answer is no and your probably running on a razors edge being very close to overheating as is even with a ton of tempshift plates. (I wouldn't worry about power output as your working with a very thin margin of error atm) Because of low TC rate the gold amalgum aquatuner has, it moves the heat that is generated to the steam far too slowly to add more aquatuners as more aquatuners will increase the overall temperature of the steam chamber (your steam turbine only deletes a certain amount heat based of temperature per second) Since gold amalgum has a very low TC (TC=2) and steam has a even lower TC (TC=0.184), the amount of heat transferred to the steam will be extremely slow (you'll notice the aquatuner's body being anywhere between 140'c-170+'c of variable temperature). Best recommendation if you really need to add more aquatuners is: *To add a small amount of crude oil or petrolium behind your aquatuner along with 2-3 tempshift plates (as crude oil/petrolium has a TC of "2" which is better than steams 0.184), but this simply gives you more leg room and the amount of steam turbines that you have might have to increase per gold amalgum aquatuner added in order to keep the chamber as cool as possible *Or just straight up make 1200kg of steel for the aquatuner as steel has a +200'c bonus overheat (325'c combine) with the added effect of steel having a thermal conductivity of 54 (54 compared to 2 is a massive difference)
  11. Tempshift plates interact with the environment only (gases,liquids,full_tile_solids). Tempshift plates are considered their own building so they can't interact with other tempshift plates directly. Tempshift plates are good for adding mass (weight) to locations with low mass available as tempshift plates contain 800kg per plate. ==== Buildings can interact with the environment (which is governed by the TC of the environment/building) which in turn interacts with the tempshift plates (make a building out of a low TC material and sit it in a low TC environment will mean the heat removed from the building will be very slow and in some cases can even cause the building to overheat because the heat didn't leave the building to the environment fast enough). ==== Thermal conductivity plays a heavy part of the game as (with the exception of high TC metals and diamonds) heat tends to transfer slowly from one side of a room to another. Temperature enters the tile next to it but the tile it enters is also exchanging heat with its own surroundings so you don't notice large amounts of heat exchange except in extreme cases (You can put a heat source in one side of a room and heat that part of the room alot, but the other side will be cold and take a exceptional amount of time to heat up) ====== Temp shift plates attempts to equalize the temperature of a 9 tile area in one instance while at the same tile gaining a increased TC boost from the equalization effect compared to normal tiles alone transfering heat so heat is moved faster over a distance with tempshift plates. ===== There is alot more to this including mass, TC, element type, etc but the TL;DR is if your playing with heat and need it to spread out evenly in the environment, tempshift plates make a massive difference (and can make or break high heat generators like a aquatuner);
  12. Don't worry about germs in water for things like sinks or showers as the game still cleans your duplicants even if there is germs in the input water (you can even give them scorching 99'c [210'f] water for washing themselves and they will be fine). Germs are more relevant for ingestions, Specifically breathing (but not eating/drinking) in slimelung which is only relevant with algae with slimelung or water sent to electrolyzers with slimelung. Or eating/drinking (but not breathing) food poisoning which is relevant in food duplicants produce/eat (micro mushers use water and fall in this category), or machines where duplicant consume liquids like the water cooler, espresso machine, soda fountain, juicer, etc. If you really want to clean water Kharnath has a liquid cleaner design (check the Chlorine section of his written guide) Tony advanced on youtube has a easy liquid cleaner (there are also other youtubers with designs) Cryticfox on youtube has a video explaining certain conditions for a reuseable toilet (the video is old but still relevant)
  13. So everytime I go to build newly attained buildings or highly quantity buildings, I end up running out of certain materials and then get the "missing resources" message in the build section. While it says things like "1200kg refined metal" or "200kg metal ore", this doesn't help me understand what is actually near the value I need to build (such as being 1150kg/1200kg of copper while I am only at 50kg on iron) which makes priority on material manufacturing difficult, it also makes it difficult to preset buildings placement while I retrieve said materials. I understand I can set materials to the right side of the screen, but to have to scroll thru the list every single time when it was previously available at the source menu rather than all materials separated in a list that we have to manually setup every single game.. I could be just ranting but I figured I'd put the question here.