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  1. So I was hoping the new update may have fixed this but it did not although I did realize it may be worth mentioning that this world is incredibly old, Like to the point that when I started it the antlion desert didn't even exist so I have the oasis dessert and dfly dessert in the same biome
  2. Still happening been almost a month. I don't need his pelt for anything and I can get it from klaus anyway but I just past day 2000 and am megabasing and not having bearger to farm logs is so awful. I even hear him growling during all autumn when I'm on the ocean which idk if thats an intended mechanic. Any feedback is appreciated
  3. Update: I played into winter, during which the audio bug stopped, I kept playing through spring and there was still no problem, same form summer, however again on the ending day of summer/first day of autumn, the sound bug started back up again and now it is actually more frustrating because he still will not spawn which means that even though I have a large amount of thick fur and don't use it hardly ever it does mean that until the bug is fixed I no longer have access to a renewable source of bearger drops.
  4. Hey so my world is at about day 1500ish on ps4 and I had just finished clearing the ruins and killing fuelweaver again when I came out of a sinkhole and was pretty quickly greeted with bearger growling. I was like ok whatever I'll just kill him so I waited before returning to base but he didn't spawn for a whole day so I figured maybe it was bugged, but i've played three more days since and even had a Krampus attack and a hound attack which played their respective noises, however afterwards the growling continues. I looked around for a fix online and saw a glitch from quite a long time ago where people had the same issue with hounds but it says that glitch was fixed. I restarted my game and it doesn't seem to have any affect, if it was just like a day 20 world I wouldn't care, but for a day 1500 megabase world its super annoying to have this bug so hopefully someone knows an easy fix. (and also my character does make the normal remarks such as "a worthy foe approaches", yet he has yet to appear)