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  1. Okay, so now the game works, but only when running it as administrator (I popped over to the game folder and used the .exe) and not through the Steam library. No idea how to take it further, but now I can at least play the game! Thanks a million! Is there anything I can do to give you more info on my issue so you can work it out easier? Logs? Again, can't thank you enough!
  2. Reinstalled Steam to no avail. Verified integrity of the game files out of curiosity and desperation and still no bueno.
  3. I tried letting it through my firewall, no luck. (I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my security software as a bonus.) I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it with no success. I'm reinstalling the game now just in case, but I'm skeptical. Any more ideas? Thanks for all the help so far!
  4. Game crashes at launch and is unrelated to mods as far as I can gather. Any help? Pics, logs, and error below. About a month ago, I had to reset my laptop and reinstalled Steam and ONI. The game had functioned properly since then and as far as I'm aware, there have been no broken updates since the last time it ran properly either. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly when I last ran the game error-free. According to the player log, Steam couldn't initiate in time and couldn't initiate Steam distribution platform. The DXDiag was less readable and I am unclear from the file what might be wrong. Submitted a crash report at least once. I did everything I thought I could do. I apologize if this was submitted poorly. Thank you! Error I get every time: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KModalScreen.OnCmpDisable () (at <ab4bdc425be2489bb8a9b667082958c0>:0) KMonoBehaviour.OnDisable () (at <7888ce3a87c24906b6c550663f653f46>:0) UnityEngine.GameObject:SetActive(Boolean) ConfirmDialogScreen:OnPrefabInit() KMonoBehaviour:InitializeComponent() KMonoBehaviour:Awake() UnityEngine.Object:Instantiate(GameObject, Transform, Boolean) Util:KInstantiateUI(GameObject, GameObject, Boolean) Util:KInstantiateUI(GameObject, GameObject, Boolean) InitializeCheck:ShowErrorDialog(String) InitializeCheck:ShowFileErrorDialogs() InitializeCheck:Awake() UnityEngine.Object:Instantiate(GameObject, Vector3, Quaternion, Transform) Util:KInstantiate(GameObject, Vector3, Quaternion, GameObject, String, Boolean, Int32) Util:KInstantiate(GameObject, GameObject, String) LaunchInitializer:Update() DxDiag.txt