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  1. I am a spider(specifically a warrior spider) and I must tell the story behind tyrant villain Webber: I was 1 year old when HE came to our forest. HE amazed everyone with his enormous body and befriended Spider queens and... HE started to play us off against other spider tribes. We killed our kins because HE wanted so, we cannibalized our fellows because HE wanted so!! I was 3 years old when HE forced us to make a coup to our queen and like all times we had to eat her meat! Lately HE has invented some devices and things to brainwash us. HE orders and we attack, HE orders and we defend! And HE gives some kind of hallucinating meat! I did eat it one time and I was smiling all day even when I was fighting!! How cruel! How relentless!! And and!! HE made my mom and dad into Cave spiders!! Mom and dad no longer knows me... I am lonely.. I am cold... Oh no HE has found me! HE will ea.........