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  1. This new Version 1.02 patch did indeed fix the crash when Mutant Vix damages Smith. But now there is a NEW crash with Mutant Vix. After defeating Mutant Vix, you get a few lines of dialogue, Brawl Mode gets unlocked and then the game crashes. When reloading, you are back at the Vix Fight/Negotiation scene. Smith's campaign is still unbeatable. Edited later: I thought about something that may possibly affect the bug. I was continuing, using my campaign save data from v1.0.0 which was crashing at Mutant Vix. I have not tried restarting the campaign all over from start to see if it doesn't crash again.
  2. Confirmed this is NOT fixed. Please reread the thread and open back up. I am getting this crash as well. Smith's campaign is still broken.
  3. This patch fixed the crash on Mutant Vix damaging Smith, but now there is a NEW crash after defeating Mutant Vix. Brawl unlocks then the game crashes before the ending cutscene making Smith's campaign once again, unbeatable. When reloading the game, it reloads at Vix encounter to fight or negotiate. This is really upsetting...