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  1. Someone playing wanda offscreen just shows the random player icon
  2. Not sure if this is intended since most things you hammer are structures but when you hammer the tree nut there aren't any animations. This is unlike normal structure hammering when smoke comes off where it hammers. Again, not sure if this was intended or not, but smashing a nut with a hammer just deletes the nut. Normal smashing animation pictured to the side:
  3. Placing boat down crashes whole server. Tested with no mods I sent this in the solo version via clicking wrong link 20 minutes ago but just fixed it now. oops
  4. Using pan flute on spiders and picking too many up causes them to become invisible and eventually crash server before making character unable to interact with anything. Attached is a video of me recreating this bug Invisible spider bug.mp4
  5. are you sure nothing changed in the settings? it's possible you have it set to friends only and have nobody playing
  6. Picking up spiders makes them invisible and eventually crashes server