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  1. Positive news that readability for colour blind has been addressed- looking forward to you guys addressing general readability and interface clutter in handheld mode.
  2. +1 buttons are clunky currently and need to be reassigned or allow player to assign. Currently breaks flow hugely. Why are we being forced to move between buttons simply to progress a dialog then exit to map etc? This isn’t how Switch UI works - you’ve broken the UI idiom here instead of following the tried and trusted inputs baked into every switch players brain/fingers. I suspect it’s somehow related to the way you’ve split the screen into 3 areas? Top Nav, Game Board, Bottom Nav… ? So we are having to “exit” one area to interact with the next?
  3. +1 handheld text sizes are inconsistent (from near perfect to virtually unreadable without squinting) and there’s quite a bit of overlap in places where certain UI elements will hide other elements. From the couple of dev responses I’ve read it kinda sounds like you guys don’t have a Switch lying around to test, otherwise most of these issues would be discovered in less than a minute. If you need a unit , ping me and I’ll send you one if it means we can enjoy this work of art to its full potential on the move.
  4. Right on brother !!! It really feels like the Switch version wasn’t optimised for handheld and there was some high hopes in the Switch community that we’d see your excellent UI scaling options come over from OG version - I mean, it seems like the perfect place to really have those options right? Can’t understand why that wasn’t factored into a release on a handheld device… What is this experimental branch you speak of pray tell…?