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  1. @SkyistheGround Thank you for the lengthy summarization, i'm a very brain dead cave man type player.. never knew wormwood so fittingly benefitted farming/planting i've been trying to be better at this. Also Wurmwoods Bloom is really cool, I've had a bias with bearded characters <3 can't resist. But If i do indeed survive a winter, i'll have something to look forward to in the spring ~
  2. @SkyistheGround traded dota 2 items for it, about $30ish in steam value. bought the wx guest of honor set for the wife, bunch of other things... any pros for wormwood im super new and worm looks very charming
  3. been playing for 1 month ish, Wilson and Webber Main... super fun game with the wife and her friends. also have the funko pops, i can show if its ok ~