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  1. Posting since the one posted recently by someone else received a "fixed" response. Patch 1.02 fixed the previous vix crash. There is now a new vix crash post patch. It occurs after the fight, after unlocking brawl, before final cutscene. Due to this we cannot finish a current smith run, nor unlock further prestige levels for his story. To clarify: patch 1.02 did NOT fix this bug. This is a different crash from the previous one, which was indeed fixed.
  2. Same here. Patch fixed the crash before the fight. This is a new crash after the fight. As the previous comment mentioned: we can unlock brawl, but not the next prestige for Smith story, as that doesn't unlock until after the cutscene.
  3. Can confirm on ps4. Have seen this issue mentioned by users on reddit as well. Would love a fix. I'm really into this game, and the one character I cant progress is, of course, my favorite one.