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  1. I can also confirm that this crash is not fixed. I just beat Mutant Vix three times in a row and got the same crash upon prompting the epilogue all three times. Previously it crashed near the beginning of the fight, now it crashes after the fight. It does still unlock Smith's Brawl mode so at least I can play that while I wait for yet another patch.
  2. This update brings with it a new crash. Previously, it would crash near the start of the fight. Now it instead crashes after we win the fight and select to continue to the epilogue. I am also experiencing this, although it does successfully unlock Smith's Brawl mode, the save data for the run exists and still takes us back to confronting Vix. Because of this we also cannot see Smith's epilogue.
  3. That's strange. I had no issue defeating him in that fight. I am on PS4 and defeated him in my attempts to bypass the change-crashing bug on the final boss and he went down normally when I reduced his HP to 0.
  4. The game crashes 100% of the time on the second turn of Smith's final boss making it impossible to complete his campaign.