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  1. the hydrogen is -55 so it will only need to pass the 8 tiles once for the food to reach -18, having it at like -20 would make the heat transfer more slow and it would only get the meat to -8 no overkill, and no extra power wasted or anything cause it isn't really leaking temperature. Like I said Didn't have the tech yet to check the food temperature and let it loop till deep frozen so had to hard code some cold in there! As for using an aquatuner/ethanol, my starter world didn't have access at that time, plus not having 1.2k powersurges is nice too
  2. My solution was to cool down the food before putting it in a vacuum. I didn't have the tech yet to check temperatures on conveyor rails, so this block is cooled down low enough(-55Celsius) that it can deep freeze freshly cooked food in one go I could make some more screenshots if there's interest.