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  1. Some time ago i contact a klei entretainment developer or someone who is in charge of the game, and he told me that if we find the exact issue that is making the crash, they could fix it, im not in the mood of playing the game again, so if someone know what is causing the problem, reply to me. Yeahh what a waste of money, i suggest you to download the free dont starve version on pc, either way you already bought the game .
  2. I have been complaining about this shipwreked crash since january, and they really dont care, i really gave up, and im never gonna pay for a dont starve game again, the funniest part is that they stay selling the game like it has no crashes. What a shame of a company
  3. They said some months ago that they will pay attention on the console version of dont starve, i have been waiting patiently since that anouncment, and the bug stays the same, its funny how they only care about dont starve together, i bought the complete edition with all dlc including ds together and seriously and im starting to think i waste my money
  4. Same is happening on my ps4 while playing shipwreked, have the same crash
  5. I recently downloaded dont starve console edition with all dlc, and nobody respond my issue, because of this, i needed to ask in this forums because nobody respond even my emails either my comments. Dont starve shipwreked in console (ps4) its unplayable and it crashes constantly, please respond someone and fix this.
  6. I have the same problem, and klei assistants doesnt even respond to anybody having an issue with console dont starve
  7. I have the same problem, and i recently bought the game
  8. Im also waiting for a fix, i have the same error, the worst part is that klei assistants havent answered any bug or problem since 2018, i think they dont care anymore about dont starve console players
  9. The same issue im having with ps4, i already post the same issue im having while playing shipwreked and constantly having crashes, i think its something about compatibility or update issues between dont starve and ps4/ps5.
  10. I recently purchased the game and i was very happy waiting to play it, when i created my first world in shipwreked, having 20 mintues playing, it crash and i need to do all over again, it has happened a plenty of time now and im getting tired of playing the game with this crashes, please fix it.
  11. Thats so true, normally when im playing i have 5 to 8 crashes each day while playing in shipwreked, and it happends randomly when you are doing anything. I recommend to fix this because im getting tired of making the same things again and that makes the game so frustrating and unplayeble.