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  1. I originally had a post I made about a rework for blow darts HERE. Theoretically, it seems like it would be as simple as making a duplicate of Walter's slingshot, configuring its stats (isn't character specific, damage and range changes, etc), and changing some sprites and animations. As someone with almost no experience in modding Don't starve together, how would I go about doing this? What programs would I have to use to make my idea become reality?
  2. So basically... Blow darts function similarly to Walter's slingshot Blowgun is craftable with an alchemy engine using reeds and rope Darts are made in batches of 5 Damage for standard darts is reduced to 50 Other dart kinds have ranges of 6 instead of 8 For the long explanation: Blow darts are a very useful ranged weapon yet ironically, have very little payoff. Hound teeth are easy to acquire especially as the days increase yet the same can't be said for feathers, especially azure feathers as they are seasonal. My idea for a blow dart rework would be for blow darts to function similarly to Walter's slingshot in the sense that the blow gun itself and the darts are each their own thing. The blow gun has infinite durability yet it needs an alchemy engine and costs reeds and rope to craft. The darts themselves require feathers and hound teeth (or stingers depending on the type of darts) and are craftable in batches of 5. To balance it out, the normal blow darts do half their damage while the ranges on the other types are lowered by 2.