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  1. @Kitsunin I can't believe you are still trying to discuss with these people xD I gave up long ago, can't really change their mind when they are set on something and doesn't know how game development world works :P In any case, the game have updated to 1.0.1 on my Switch and I can't trigger the bug anymore so everything is good
  2. I agree that they ****** up big time and that this whole situation is not okay at all. That it is weird that a simple bug like this somehow got through testing. But at the same time, what is done is done, they have done the fix on their end, and no amount of complaining is going to get us the patch faster. If you dislike the devs so much at this point, then why are you still here? Go out there and play the other billions of games there exist xD That is what I am doing while I wait for the update.
  3. I know reading is hard, but take a look here: Getting any updates on a console platform need to go through the provider (in this case Nintendo) and it will always take a long time. Have patience, the update will get there.
  4. Very nice <3 Do we know any specific date the patch will go live? Would be nice to know if we have to wait a week or more.
  5. Might not be related, but I am trying out different things and try to note what happens, and this thing is a little strange. So my usual way to see if the game saves or not, is to go into settings and switch "Confirm End Turn" to disabled. This time however, I also decided to reduce the audio and apply the changes (to something like 70). Closed the app and started it again, I expected everything would be back to default BUT the "Confirm End Turn" was still disabled, but the sound was defaulted to 100. Then I tried again, but this time reducing my audio first (taking a few more options down to 70), apply save, then move to Gameplay settings and set "Confirm End Turn" to enabled, apply save, then disabled, apply save, close app and reopen. Now is "Confirm End Turn" defaulted but the audio is still at 70 for the options that I changed. So this is very strange, only the last change isn't saved... but everything else is? Would this make sense that a run is saved but persistent data isn't? :/ since a run will probably be saved first before anything else... might try to run more tests (my experience as a QA is paying off xD)
  6. Gotta +1 this as well as it both happens to me and my brother, and it is a shame to see it happening as I just finished my first run today and no progress was saved :c I hope I can help @skyjeremy 1. I recall this happening from day 1, as said before have I done 1 full run (to completion) that I started the 4th of June as the game came out and finished today the 7th of June, and EVERY TIME I rebooted the game did I get the tutorials and perk points. I also noticed on the next day that the 2nd character I had unlocked wasn't unlocked anymore. 2. Only one run (Sal), since this have been happening both on my first run and on a brawl run I tried afterwards (funny thing is that is says now that I have a brawl run going on, but brawl mode is locked :P) 3.1. Yes they do! I have always been able to continue my current run even if everything have been wiped. 3.2. Yes, like anyone else have said, I also have a finished run in the history, with an odd date (01/04/70) and a time there didn't match my real playtime (~25 min), I don't remember how much I played it today to finish it, felt more than 25 min though. (like a 1 to 1½ hour session) 3.3. Tried it just now since I never changed anything in the options. Tried to set "Confirm End Turn" to Disabled, apply, and quit the game by using the home button and then close the game with the X button, then re-enter the game. And no, the "Confirm End Turn" is now Enabled again, so it didn't save. I hope this gives some insights, otherwise please ask more and I will try to keep an eye on this forum if I can help. Love the game but would rather wait to this thing is fixed before I play it more Also, The way I close the game is as described in 3.3., I haven't tried to do it in any other way and the bug happens consistently every time this way! EDIT: Just noticed something, usually when closing a game as described above, then does a small popup come, or some sort of freeze because the application is saving the data, but with Griftlands does it just close instantly, no delay or popup... so honestly do I think that is the core problem, data isn't saved when closing the game with the home button.