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  1. Good Morning all, I've had this game since before ranching, and put it down about that time. I have since gotten back into it and have cracked the mid game. I am still fairly new to this stage, but know there are a few things that are knocking on my door - the biggest being Stable long term O2 creation & temperature management. I have attached a few screen shots - I am in the process of cracking into the natural gas geyser, I also attached the Nat Gas analysis. I also capped off the CoolSlush geyser, and added its' analysis. I have 9 Dupes running on 3 shifts. I have 114KCAL of food - not in the best storage - but it's holding for now. I have not gotten a metal refinery going yet - I have been apprehensive about it - mostly due to the temperature output and not being 100% sure how to deal with it. I have about 30T of algae left from hollowing out a couple of big pockets, and I feel like that might be my 'clock' for getting stuff set up. I think my current flow objectives would be to secure the pH2O in a holding tank and begin to Sieve it into clean water. I created limitless tank for clean water early on - that is in the heart of my current base, and it has about 100,000KG sitting in it. The current base is still nominal temperature wise, but it's starting to get to about 30C. It's also a bit of a cluster jam, so I figured that I would create a better lay out while incorporating ExoSuits, getting my long term oxygen figured out, and getting the temperature management figured out. At this stage - I feel like an electrolyzer set-up is the correct course of action, I am just not sure the best method for cooling the oxygen that it creates. I know there are a few methods for creating a closed loop for pH20 - but I also a bit nervous about the power needed to run an aquatuner - which is why I want to try and start tapping into that Natural Gas geyser. Sorry - this post has been kind of all over the place. I have never been this far, and in this stable of a position. Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated. Also, thanks Klei for the great game. And thanks to the community - you guys are great. And your ability to create some of the stuff you do and break this game in ways that you do is unfathomable. Absolutely insane.