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  1. Confirmed that the fix is there and works for me, by quickly completing a run up to the first day (to unlock Rook), closing the game and then loading back in to see my unlocked percentages there and Rook unlocked. Thank you!
  2. 1. Yep! I essentially streamed it on launch day, picked up and played and then when the game closed because I played something else - that's when I went back and got confused because I KNEW that I had unlocked the second character but it wasn't there. 2. I have completed (failed) 1, and had 1 going. 3. And for these; New runs seems to persist, yes. All runs seem to stay in my history, I believe. Haven't changed any myself. Another this is that the choices regarding "this is your first fight" or "this is your first negotiation" don't persist and it asks me to do it every time.
  3. Hey hey. I just wanted to +1 this as well because I've run into the same issue. The basics of what happens comes down to: Progress is set to 0% on the character select screen No matter how many times I've unlocked the second character, it remains locked and I have to reach that point again if I even want a chance of selecting them again Instantly when logging into a new game, all the achievement points pop up. I then have to quit, go back and start ANOTHER run in order to use those points but they get reset every time the game boots anyways Like everyone else, I can see my fully history of runs