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  1. I tried asking for a refund from Nintendo which sent me to Klei because they havent heard of this bug. Klei also said no and that i should try asking Playstation for a refund instead ( i told them that i bought a copy there because the switch version obviously is broken)... thats a really bad solution for your customer Klei.
  2. Hi There is a serious issue on the Nintendo Switch version and i dont know how this was missed during testing? Played two runs yesterday for ~4 hours. Unlocked a character, cards , perks, Mettle, flourishes. You name it. Saved the game and closed it. Started the game this morning and the compendium is wiped. When i start a new game perks are gone, mettles are gone. Everything'ish is gone. Im saying ish because unlocked cards actually pops up in the new run. Game thinks its your first playthrough again since it asks for tutorials. Run history can see my previous runs. When i start a new game it gives me pop ups with all the perks points i earned in previous runs (kill a boss/ do x amount of dmg /earn x amount of money) etc. I have reinstalled the game. I have Hard rebooted My switch and tried a new run. Saved, restarted the game and the problem still exists.. System version: 12.0.2 Game version: 1.0.0