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  1. I'm probably not the only person who skips dialogue after having read it once. Showing whether or not an event has already been seen once would help to only read the events that you haven't seen and read yet.
  2. Currently there is no indication on what classifies as giving you more flourish points. Flourish upgrade points should be shown when gained.
  3. Do you gain any mettle or flourish unlock points by finishing the story mode of a character?
  4. I think that selecting individual cards to be available or unavailable during a run would be better, this would make it easier to specialize in diplomaty vs hostility for example. Also, why even make runs customizable if you take away the prestige gain? Like there is no point in a run that doesn't unlock prestige unless maybe farming mettle or for pure fun, but lets be honest a rogue lite is not fun without the lite aspect for most people. Disabling achievements is fair play, because hard games like their achievements behind hard requirements I get it. Also, do you get score points/xp for custom runs? Can you unlock new flourish ultimates by playing custom runs?