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  1. Hi, thanks for replying! With all mods disabled the game is not crashing. I was actually trying out a refinement building of a mod i used a lot in the past few months, but not that piece specifically. it might be that one, but usually the game can tell if the error comes from a mod, right? Anyway if you have any suggestion on how to deal with this problem I'll appreciate it! Edit: after playing for a little longer i found the mod responsible for the error, and on its page on the steam workshop the problem was already discussed! Thank you anyway for letting me know what the error was about!
  2. Hi, this is the first time i reach out in the forum to get help, it never happened to me that the game is crushing so consistently, i hope to get some help! So, simple as i said before, the game just crushes and i cannot understand the Log. Usually it points so some of the mods that are active, but this time the message shown is very different from what i am used. The error seems to be related to certain building orders, but i don't know for sure. So i already attach the .sav file, maybe you can tke a look at it. Spacerock.sav I'm playing on Macbook Pro M1 16GB RAM (2020) Thank you in advance!