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  1. hi @Zillvr . i went through all those steps and played for about 2 hours and got the same error again. i tried entering caves 2-3 times in the first hour of the game, didnt have problems, and then suddenly it happened again. here are the client logs and server logs: this is also the relevant part of the server logs that the admin sent me: [05:50:32]: [Shard] Migration request: (KU_xb1Lj0VD) to [SHDMASTER](1) [05:50:32]: [Shard] #4 <- session/5E8B415F82BB5522/A7NEA1AR81UD/0000000010 [05:50:32]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_SHARD_SILENT_DISCONNECT [05:50:32]: [Steam] SendUserDisconnect for '76561198101659504' [05:55:19]: Registering secondary shard in EU lobby [05:55:46]: Available disk space for save files: 112447 MB [05:55:47]: Serializing world: session/5E8B415F82BB5522/0000000010 [05:59:39]: Cluster player to remove not found in ID_SHD_M2S_PLAYER_LIST packet client_log.txt server_log_Caves.txt server_log_Overworld.txt
  2. game was fine for about a month, suddenly in the middle of the game, after trying to enter a cave, got stuck in a white screen and got disconnected from that server: "the server you were playing on is unavailable.please try again later" https://imgur.com/qdx7leT after that tried to log back in into that server, got the same error with the same context. i'm gonna explain everything cause i already tried everything and this post is my last hope of fixing my favorite game i purchased the game and played the game with no problems. installed mods and used them in every game and used caves with no problem. then i watched a video on youtube about some useful mods and installed them (Actionqueue Reborn - Camera Tweaks - Geometric Placement - Minimap HUD - Skins extender). after using this mod, still no problem, but after 2-3 days, i encountered that error when i tried to enter a cave which i thought that could be the issue. the thing is, after about 2 weeks that i got this error, to this day i still can join servers and play with no probelm for some days, i can even use the caves with no problem but after like 10-20 of in-game days, i get the cave bug again and drops me out. just note that i was the only one with that problem in the server. nobody had the same issue. everyone entered and exited caves with no problem. i tested other dedicated and private servers. same thing happened. the other weird thing is, after i get this error, i cant join that same server again for some time, but sometimes after like 10-30 minutes (sometimes even more, like a day), i try to join the same server and i go back in with no problem and im inside the cave, and again i can play with no problem for some in-game days and use the caves and suddenly the same error comes back and drops me out!!!! i asked one of those dedicated server's admins about my issue. this was his response: "Caves server log simply says migration failed, not why so that ain’t helping. Error code 178". he tried resetting my character so that i could join the server again, i logged in and tried a cave, got the error again. the server does not use any mods, even though i joined both servers with mods and with no mods, that did not matter. same error. i researched a lot about this issue on the internet and found some ways that seemed helpful. this is the list of things that i did: 1- disabled all the mods. 2-redownloaded all the mods and "clean"ed them. 3-unsubscribed them all. 4-verified integrity of game files. 5-reinstalled the game from steam. 6-restarted my computer. 7-made sure im not using any VPN of any sort on background (never did while playing games online) 8-made sure game is whitelisted on my antivirus (i dont have an AV, it's just windows defender and it's been completely disabled from the start thats why theres nothing to whitelist). 9-i made the game to start as administrator. 10-made sure my connection was stable by using a ping command on cmd 24/7 and my internet is wired.11-contacted klei support that wasn't able to solve this issue and told me to post a bug report so that DEVs could come to rescue. and this is the list of all my client mods i was using aside from the 5 new ones that i mention on top: Finder - gesture wheel - show nicknames - skin queue - status announcements - combined status. all that, didn't help. then i tried to get some fresh logs by playing and getting the error again to post here. first log happened to me last night when i used only 5 mods( camera tweaks - actionqueue reborn - combined status - minimap hud - status announcement) second log is when i unsubscribed and disabled and deleted all mod files and restarted the game and started clean. in both of them i tried different dedicated servers ( 4 servers ) and in all of them, like after 1 hour of gameplay, got the same error. i hope the logs help to solve this issue for good. @Zillvr you mentioned in one of the bug reports to tag you if we need your help. please if you or any of the DEVs available could help me, i'd really appreciate it. if theres any more details you need to fix this issue, i will most definitely reply asap. ( i might have missed some stuff because it's been more than a week or two that this happened to me and i tried to fix it ) also forgive me if my english is not good enough. i tried my best to explain everything clearly. client_log1.txt client_log2.txt
  3. please if anyone finds any solution, @ me too, i tried every solution i found but did not work.