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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. After slickers reached to around 200ish count, Co2 finally caught up. Took around 50 cycles or so. And I keep smaller planetoids top part exposed to space, hopefully it will clear out soon. Those massive pockets of co2 requires some cycles to reach top thou.
  2. Just wondering how do you handle all this CO2? I started with a single water sieve + carbon skimmer in the base. Then expanded it, then multiplied it by A LOT, then started collecting excess in a gas tank, then built 50 more. Then built a bunch of rocket platforms with gas tanks to store more, then shipped slicksters from oil planet. Then grew them to 100 or so. Then got rid of everything but slicksters and opened up space to vent whatever I have since the base is already sealed up. In the end I got total darkness and still 4-5k CO2 per tile. I think I easily wasted 100 or more cycles until totally giving up. And this is the same for all my planetoids. On the uranium one it's obviously much worse but since it's smaller, exposing space is much more viable.
  3. I think this topic is totally over-engineered both by players and Klei in general. Making quality food is already a mid-late game feature that requires you to solve each part from growing to temperature management & automatisation. This freezing mechanic is just a hassle and in the end I always end up having 3-4 powered fridges in co2 and totally ignore this. Who cares if some food is spoilt where you already have 5 million grub fruit preserve. Just current powered fridges for early-mid game (where you also don't care about spoilage much) and introduce a more power consuming (optionally with bigger storage) fridge with chlorine vent input for late game storage and done. This way we would finally have a use for chlorine as well.
  4. I always thought this is the way how rovers work. Like they are doing "something" but doing it very bad because they are not "dupes" but I would be really happy to learn if this is actually a bug and not a feature. Because I also stopped completely using them.
  5. Material research is pretty mid game stuff. This is "my way" of doing this. If you are on classic terra start wheezworts are pretty easy to find. I also use them to cool my oxygen so it's a powerless win-win. Automation is pretty simple a cycle timer & duplicatant sensor that detects if a researcher is there and shoots a bolt every X seconds (currently set to 40 seconds, depends on your researcher's speed). Obviously this is not optimised in any way but I already have more than 20k so who cares. As a bonus I am also trying to mutate plants with the radiation but so far I got nothing.
  6. 1. DLC Terra start is definitely not beginner friendly anymore as cool water is impossible to reach. Swamp start is perfect in terms of this. 2. DLC Terra start: you have to manage heat as soon as possible because 2 steam geysers is generally very close to your starting area. This is a nightmare for new players 3. Actual uses for plastic. Whole game you are trying to set up a streamlined plastic manufacturing and once you've done it: you only get plastic beds and nothing more. Due to size of asteroids, I feel like transit tubes are not mandatory anymore which were the main plastic sinks 4. With the latest patch, both materials research and orbital research numbers are nerfed to too high. Main fun beings after having a drill cone but for that you have to grind research for hours. I don't mind working for different tiers of research but trying to grind this much is just too much. I know the balancing is not final yet but still.. 5. This is more of a play style suggestion but since the idea is going from planet to planet and gathering different materials, maybe we can have bigger liveable planetoids a bit far away then the current 3 like the classic terra map. This way we can organise and move all our dupes / resources to another planet to live in. 6. Rocket & gas management is a HUGE pain in the back right now. I don't want to deconstruct my rocket every 1-2 trips just to remove this annoying co2. I don't say it's not possible any other way but why would I bother? 7. Please give us blueprints already. I don't want to manually setup everything one by one in every single planetoid!
  7. Hey everyone, long time lurker first time poster. I have around 350 hours spend in ONI through years and around 100+ with DLC. I tried various starting combinations / play styles but each time I am getting stuck at one point. Lately, I favor swamp starting spaced out style asteroid due to cold being a lot easier to handle than heat. I tame both cool geysers pretty early, feed my farms of polluted water and SPOM from cold brine. I move my power grid to be %100 solar (here and there some local individual power supplies), bathrooms automated etc. Then I just set up some idle power generators because everything else is almost fully automated. At this point I move 2-3 dupes through the teleport and focus that planet completely. I supply this planetoid with water and oxygen from my main planetoid and set up a food, solar power grid and a small petroleum operation which then moves it back to my main base. Then I send a rover to the third planetoid but this is where I kinda get stuck. Both planetoids are almost automated and it seems to me that I don't need anything from the 3rd planetoid or anywhere else in this case. Almost all research is completely done. Solar power is OP and doesn't need any upgrading. Food is pretty much stable with a lot of overflow, I can generate unlimited amount of plastic due to petroleum constantly coming from the second planetoid and basically I have no interest in getting any of the late game resources. Maybe I am not an experienced late game player but I feel like this is where DLC is lacking a bit so far. Why do I need nuclear? Do I really need to go for gold / aluminium geysers? Why do I need bigger rockets? it just looks pointless right now. Can I have some suggestions? Thanks!