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  1. He updated the game, while he didn't get a client_log inside the folder with numbers, he got a client log outside the numbers folder (from when he ran the dedicated server exe as admin), so here it is client_log.txt
  2. he was unable to find any client_log.txt file, so here are just cave and master server logs also, he does have permissions to write and read, however when he right clicked DoNotStarveTogether folder to check, read only had a square check on it, it is like that for me and it worked but I thought I should mention it server_log_cave.txt server_log_master.txt
  3. He's offline atm, but last time we tried stuff out he said that his account is a "local admin account" and I checked his permissions a few times, both said administrator (despite not being able to run the game as admin, the run as admin option isn't there) edit: generating with caves didn't work for me, i deleted token file and made another and then it worked, but for him nothing is created
  4. It didn't work for him, so I tried it myself and it created another problem. I tried running dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe and got the same token issue as him and even after trying both token methods it still said invalid tokens. Weird thing is it didn't make a cluster_ folder where it normally would, but instead, outside of that folder, inside C:\Users\name\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether and it only had master inside it, and here are its logs EDIT: he couldn't run even the game as admin, despite his account being admin, and generating a token in game doesn't create a file EDIT 2: hosting in game normally works just fine for me server_log.txt
  5. The last two files I attached were in fact the log files right after he did exactly what you described. Deleted every Cluster_ file and then hosted a new world, failed to start and then I attached the files that he got (which he didn't have before for some reason)
  6. Both, hosting new world or launching an existing one (with caves) doesn't work, but without caves it works even with mods.
  7. Thanks for the response, we tried token generating and even with that it didn't work. So he deleted every Cluster_ folder he has and generated a new world with caves, of course it failed, but this time it had server_log.txt server_log_master.txt server_log_cave.txt
  8. Hi, my friend, out of nowhere, was unable to host servers with caves enabled (works fine without caves). I attached server_log.txt from inside the Cluster folder and for him, the server_log.txt files inside his Master folder are from april, and there's no server_log.txt inside Caves of that folder. server_log.txt PS. disabling mods didn't help, and we tried verifying.