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  1. Radbolt Joint Plates are built too quickly, even quicker than the construction speed of logic sensors. Checking the decompiled code, it seems that a zero was missed when trying to set its construction time to 30 seconds (i.e. it is only 3 now).
  2. Dup? Nosh bean is not added to "cooking ingredients" category when discovered (possible regression) - Oxygen Not Included - Klei Entertainment Forums
  3. The tooltip of Space Scanners mentions that "heavy machinery" decreases scanning quality. However, there is no Database entry explaining or mentioning this concept. With my friends' and my gaming experience, I believe that the "heavy machinery" considered by Space Scanners is equivalent to Industrial Machinery considered by the room systems. In this way, I suggest standardize the wording of "Industrial Machinery" and "heavy machinery" to make things clear.
  4. This errror is still there in the current build (U35-479045).
  5. This typo is still there after 2 years. Please fix it.