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  1. This has happened to me multiple times and prob also happened to others. Every beef tamer understand the pain when beef bulks you off in the middle of a bunch of night monkeys and horrors. If you survive the attack, then the only thing you can do is to run to nearest sinkhole as fast as you can. Beef will follow you and since you both running beef won't shake the saddle off, even though it's obedience is pretty low. However once you traveled using the sinkhole, you may find out saddle is gone. Not in cave or surface, just like it's lost in the void of sinkhole. The saddle is new btw, not a 20% left saddle. And if it's a butterfly saddle that you tried so hard to get in early game, the only thing you want to do at that moment is to quit. I would appreciate if this issue can be fixed, TIA.
  2. [MKA]Bloodlord joined Total normal Tree - US west - Public Server and starts griefering by reading her thundering book and killed everyone and burnt everything and cursing, I really just hate griefer like this. Does klei have a policy towards public griefer like her?
  3. Well my intent was not to start a war or argument between EA and other DST supporters. It's just some sentimental feeling from being a little bit special to not special at all as an EA. I believe it's ok to make EA a bit more special, others may disagree, it's ok. Too many things are changing all the time, I personally wish at least there is something remain the way it was. If I missed it, I missed it. Well time traveler like Wanda may disagree, it's ok. No one should be blamed, I still love this game, guess you too.
  4. Yeah EA thought "being around in the early days" means something, but apparently not everyone think the same, for example, "doing the hardest boss/challenge on the hardest setting like the Ghost of Tsushima Legends wooden sword skin for beating "hell" mode perfectly" is valued more by you.
  5. That's exactly what bottomless fire pit skin became now - just a cool skin. But it meant a lot to EA, those who started playing the game and supported Klei when Klei was so small a company that almost no one knew about it.
  6. When everyone can get bottomless fire pit skin, it lost its value immediately.
  7. I met same issue couple of times and have to either reconnect or enter cave.
  8. Thanks for fixing the previous bug that sleeping beefalo not mountable. But compared to time before QOL update, mounting sleeping beefalo is still harder. It requires two steps to mount a sleeping beefalo now. Step 1 to awake beefalo; Step 2 to mount, while previously it only requires step 2 to mount a sleeping beef. And when beef obedience low, it may fall asleep immediately before I am able to feed anything to it, so I have to awake it again and feed it very fast. Would be great if such experience can be improved.
  9. What do you mean by "cancelling saddle drop animation"? I tamed tons of beefalo but this seems new to me. What do you mean by "cancelling saddle drop animation"? I tamed tons of beefalo but this seems new to me.
  10. When beefalo is sleeping, I can not mount on it anymore. This is really annoying and deadly in many situations. Please fix this ty!