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  1. Hi. The translation is practically finished. (99%) Now I am polishing some misconceptions or lack of meaning and will be updating the mod with revisions from time to time, as well as with each update patch by Klei. On the other hand and given that sometimes it is practically impossible to make a good translation from English to Spanish with code in between, I will try to create new encodings so, that some verbs in some cards, make more sense and do not seem to be written in Spanish by tarzan. ----- La traducción está prácticamente terminada. (99%) Ahora estoy puliendo algunos errores de concepto o falta de sentido e iré actualizando el mod con revisiones cada cierto tiempo, así como a cada parche de actualización por parte de Klei. Por otro lado y dado que a veces es prácticamente imposible hacer una buena traducción del Inglés al Español con código de por medio, probaré a crear nuevas codificaciones para que algunos verbos en algunas cartas, tengan mayor sentido y no parezcan estar escritas en Español por Tarzán.
  2. Version number please? Has disappeared from the start screen
  3. Hello everyone Here you can find a Spanish Translation made by myself. Right now its a Steam Workshop Mod and its 80% completed. It will probably be finished by the end of May. Feel free to discuss about it. ------------ Hola a todos Aquí podéis encontrar una traducción al Español hecha por mí. En este momento es un Mod de Steam Workshop y está completado al 80%. Probablemente estará terminado para finales de mayo. Sentíos libres de discutir sobre el.
  4. Ok! looks like it's my translation mod wich its failling after the update. Sadly, seems i cannot fix it. Im used the Havarian modinit.lua as example to make a translation, but now something is crashing =\
  5. Since the update I can no longer play Griftlands using Windows 10. The game loads, but I can't start new runs. A game error-screen appears. I can send the feedback and reload the game, but the same error occurs when i try it again. I have disabled all mods, reinstalled the game several times, unsuscribed from mods, but the result is always the same. Am I the only one that happens?