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  1. Thanks it worked We can finaly play together! Is there any way i can return the favor? You were a great help thanks!!!
  2. Now i can join but my brotcher still cant O.o :c
  3. didnt work sadly can launch the server but inventory+blueprints are gone
  4. i replaced it but its still not working :c server_log.txt server_log.txt
  5. Hii these are all the serverlogs from today. shardindex shardindex MasterServer Log.zip Caves ServerLog.zip
  6. client_log_2021-05-06-16-47-54.txt My PC crashed and after that I could not start my DST server. Also, suddenly it says day 1 instead of day 507. If we take the rollbacks, some do not work and others lose the inventory/character. Thanks for the help DatNut server_log.txt server_log.txt DxDiag.txt