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  1. I read somewhere that in the next update, Klei will implement new islands and a snow one, what do you like to see?
  2. I play DST on Xbox one and console players can't approach the camera next to the character. In the next QOL, could you please let a way to we zoom in the camera? Thank you so much. I love you guys <3
  3. I am a console player and I agree with all of these, thank you for sharing the ideas.
  4. I want minigames, I want to have fun with my friends just like a carnival park with a lot of tends, minigames and challenges.
  5. Why they aren't just clear with us, just give us the truth, we will understand, but don't say anything.
  6. KLEI, pleaaaaase, could you make some wallpapers for smartphone <3
  7. I am very disappointed, you had all the time in the world to do this before and at the last second you warn that it will be late for the console. I was really looking forward to starting a new world and playing in the new update tomorrow. I hope that this will not be repeated again, since in every update this happens.