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  1. @EricKlei it has nothing to do with sand in my case. It's the door of the food storage, that has this problem very often, which is not surprising, as the dupes need to use it at least one time per cycle to get their meals. As for the matter with the airlock door mod, i dont even use it. Probably it works similar like my self-sealing airlocks-mod ( (ignore the chinese, it just make the base game mod ready for the dlc)), as gases cant get through them and thus causes the same problems.
  2. At least it's not only me. The problem you described in your quoted post also happens for me. Dupes have problems interacting with doors (as well as with doors in between), that block airflow.
  3. Sometimes, dupes will be stuck in doors, that are set to open and close automatically. They will be shown as entombed, even though other dupes can walk through the door normally. This can be fixed by set the door to open all the time in the menu and let another dupe set the door to open afterwards. As i play with some DLC-compatible mods enabled, i'm not sure if this is caused by the base game or one of the mods (personally, i think self sealing airlocks is a candidate for being the culprit). I just wanted to mention it here, so that you can take a look, if something in the vanilla game is causing this.