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  1. Wow , this looks truly fantastic ! Blursed , if I may say so Good job man !
  2. this thing looks like last prism with terraria logo on it . No clue what it means , but I'm excited for this crossover nevertheless !
  3. DUDE THIS IMAGE CAN BE TURNED INTO ACTUAL POSTER AND GET GLUED ON WALL WTF WHY SO PRETTY !!! :DDDDDDD But if I'm honest , thank you Klei team for such amazing updates . I keep saying that you're one of the best game developers out there , but I really mean it ! Also if you think what you've came thru , it's so nice that you still are able not to just satisfy your players , but shock them almost every update you come up with ! Eager to play and buy all the skins you come up with , all to support such beautiful developers ! (I'm very sure that pickaxe axe is going to be a skin for pick/axe lol) Have a good time of day , sincerely , your Fenneko 0'6Z
  4. Godness gracious am I grateful that I can draw the fanart ! I was supposing that it was a costume ONLY event ... But if you think about it , not a lot of people would perticipate total then ! Thanks Klei